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Exceed I.T. offers cloud based VoIP services to Central Maryland. VoIP provides unmatched, crystal-clear, high definition audio that cannot be rivaled by outdated analog phone systems.

What is VoIP?

If you’re looking to improve the communication quality of your business in Central Maryland, VoIP is the way to go! VoIP is the acronym for ‘Voice Over IP’ or Internet Protocol. Basically, it means that you can communicate using phones over the internet instead of an outdated analog phone line from your telephone company. In the past, data had one path on the internet and voice had another path. However, today, this is no longer the case as both can share the same lines and connections.

Benefits of Using VoIP

On top of having a convenient, affordable, and simple option for communication, there are several other benefits to using VoIP in Central Maryland. Everything is based in the cloud so setup is quick and easy, and the hardware footprint is much less than with a typical analog system. Cloud-based services when using VoIP means that there are no delays, many more enterprise features, and these services can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. It is also much easier and affordable to scale these services as your small business or enterprise grows. VoIP also provides unmatched, crystal-clear, high definition audio that cannot be rivaled by outdated analog phone systems. With the high-speed and fiber optic internet options in Central Maryland, the uptime and reliability associated with VoIP is incredible. Finally, using VoIP to communicate is so simple. It is as easy as plugging in a phone and dialing the number. It couldn’t be any easier!

Business Continuity with VoIP

By turning to VoIP in Central Maryland, you can access your business line from anywhere, and it will always be the same number. This means that in the event of a disaster, phones could easily be moved from one location to another preventing major downtime. With analog phone lines you are down for an indefinite period of time. The ‘plug and play’ nature of VoIP makes it a clear choice in business communication today. This feature is especially handy for businesses that are offering work from home options and alternative workspace, especially after the recent Covid-19 pandemic forced many employees to work from home. With a VoIP system, those employees were easily able to continue working and take business phone calls on their desk handsets while working from home.

Still thinking you need an analog line?

If you want the convenience and clarity of using VoIP, but have a traditional landline, then you are in luck. Today’s VoIP lines can easily receive calls that would have gone to your old phone  landline number. This means that you don’t have to give up your current business phone number, and it gives you the freedom of an alternative workspace without being tied to one physical office space. We’ll help you port (or transfer) your business phone number(s) into the VoIP system so you won’t miss a beat. All you’ll need is a reliable, high-speed internet connection! So, if you're looking for a VoIP system in Central Maryland, look no further than Exceed IT! Make the choice to simplify your life, embrace the freedom and ease of use that comes with switching to a VoIP system with Exceed IT.

What about your fax line?

If you are still sending or receiving faxes in your business, no problem – VoIP from Exceed IT can help here, too. VoIP can easily replace your old analog phone line and fax machine, making it super-simple to send and receive faxes. As a matter of fact, you can even send and receive faxes directly from/to your e-mail program, and you can even have faxes be routed to multiple employee e-mail addresses, if necessary. There are many configuration options as it relates to sending and receiving faxes, and we can assure you that your life with VoIP faxing will be much less of a hassle.

Enterprise Level Features Include:

  • Personal assistant
  • Crystal Clear HD audio
  • Voicemail to text/email
  • Hunt groups
  • Company directory
  • Custom on-hold music
  • Time of day routes
  • Do not disturb (DND)
  • Custom caller ID
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Phone to PC integration
  • In-depth call insights
  • Smartphone app
  • Over 150+ Enterprise features

Transform Your Business

With VoIP, you're giving your team the ability to be productive on the road or in the office. With over 150+ enterprise features, we have what you need to transform your business.

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Exceed I.T. did just that... they exceeded my expectations! They provided our business with exceptional, professional service. But, what I was most impressed with was the level of communication and follow-up I've received since the work was completed. Their customer service is amazing. If you need IT help, they are the company to call.

Laura Office Manager
Dental Office

We are SO pleased to be working with Exceed I.T. We have 24/7 support and feel safe that they are looking out for all our computer and security needs. Finally finding a company that keeps track of aging equipment (often the cause of our issues), and keeps in touch with our current and future growth needs and ideas, is so important to us. Also, an invaluable resource for many of our other office needs. Our staff is so pleased that they are finally able to get their work done without being hung up with computer issues!

Lori Office Manager
Landscaping Company

I am extremely surprised that I am writing such a positive review for an I.T. company. We hired Exceed I.T to upgrade our business technology system and I am beyond impressed. Our technician, recognizing how little I know about I.T., was patient, informative, and knowledgeable. The whole process was simple and exceptional from the initial quote, to working around my employees and customers, to finding solutions to issues not event involved with their services. I especially appreciated the communication and follow up!

Laurel Co-Owner
Auto Repair Company