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Don't let the threat of hackers keep you up at night. Let us proactively handle all of your Cyber Security Services. From firewalls to antivirus we have you covered!

What Cyber Security Services Does Your Business Need?

Many businesses in Central Maryland, even those that don’t sell online, make use of computers in some way. Just by having information on a computer makes you a target for hackers. Making use of a data cyber security services provider is the best way of keeping that data safe and secure, especially if it’s personal information your clients have provided you. Data cyber security services can include everything from antivirus and firewall protection to data transfer protection and regulatory compliance. These services also help you be more proactive in your security by preventing data theft and reducing the number of ways hackers can get into your network. This includes working against phishing scams by filtering emails, using up-to-date antivirus and malware scanners, and creating a stable network with no software or device conflicts.

How Integrated Security Services Are Better than Stand-Alone Options

Working with an integrated data cyber security services provider in Central Maryland has a number of benefits over handling your own security. First, we are experts in the field. We keep up with the latest in cyber-security and understand what your business needs to be protected. The tools we use to secure your data have been hand-picked to provide this security in the most effective and efficient way possible. We will be able to implement the best security options for your network, keeping you as secure as possible. If you were to try to handle your security services yourself, you may not have the knowledge needed to select software and other security services that work together with no conflicts, providing an optimally-secure network and computers. These conflicts can introduce holes that cyber-terrorists and criminals can use to infiltrate your system, steal your sensitive company or client data, and try to empty your bank accounts.

Why Regulation Compliance Is a Necessity

Another thing we offer as a data security services provider in Central Maryland is compliance assistance. Being in compliance with your industry regulations is more than just a good idea—it’s a requirement that often carries stiff fines and penalties for those who fail to meet these standards. Regulations such as HIPAA, FINRA, SOX or other rules regarding data security are there to ensure that all businesses in the industry are employing at least a minimum standard of security. Security and industry experts have created these regulations to fully protect information, so it’s important you meet or exceed those regulations, regardless of the penalties involved for being non-compliant. Security service providers understand the particular regulations that are involved in your industry and will work to create a security net that, at minimum, meets those regulations. In most cases, security service providers work to go beyond what’s simply “required” and install top-of-the-line security solutions. Don’t leave Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) to change and make the right call, today.

Working with Security Services Experts Is Your Best Bet

When it comes to security services, you can’t settle. Your customers in Central Maryland deserve the best cyber-protection you can to protect their information. That means working with the best. While your IT department may be able to deploy some strong antivirus and firewall apps, they also have to focus on setting up new systems, performing maintenance, and answering employee support tickets. They aren’t able to fully focus on security. That’s why working with Exceed IT is your best option. Our experts are able to fully devote their days to security.  We can keep up with the latest information and trends, carefully monitor your network for unauthorized access, and take a proactive approach to keeping you safe. We’re able to analyze hacks to see where other companies failed and apply that knowledge to your network. Don’t settle for second-best when it comes to security—work with the professionals at Exceed IT!


  • Security audits
  • Risk assessment
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • Business continuity
  • Offsite backups
  • Risk mitigation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Data encryption
  • Custom security stategies

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What Our Clients Say

Exceed I.T. did just that... they exceeded my expectations! They provided our business with exceptional, professional service. But, what I was most impressed with was the level of communication and follow-up I've received since the work was completed. Their customer service is amazing. If you need IT help, they are the company to call.

Laura Office Manager
Dental Office

We are SO pleased to be working with Exceed I.T. We have 24/7 support and feel safe that they are looking out for all our computer and security needs. Finally finding a company that keeps track of aging equipment (often the cause of our issues), and keeps in touch with our current and future growth needs and ideas, is so important to us. Also, an invaluable resource for many of our other office needs. Our staff is so pleased that they are finally able to get their work done without being hung up with computer issues!

Lori Office Manager
Landscaping Company

I am extremely surprised that I am writing such a positive review for an I.T. company. We hired Exceed I.T to upgrade our business technology system and I am beyond impressed. Our technician, recognizing how little I know about I.T., was patient, informative, and knowledgeable. The whole process was simple and exceptional from the initial quote, to working around my employees and customers, to finding solutions to issues not event involved with their services. I especially appreciated the communication and follow up!

Laurel Co-Owner
Auto Repair Company