Industry Expertise

With more than 15 years of experience in managing IT services in Central Maryland, our team understands exactly what you need for your industry. Below you will see a few of the many industries Exceed I.T. serves! Contact us today to discuss your industry and how we can help you.


IT services are a must for the finance industry. Companies in the finance industry routinely deal with sensitive information, including client’s bank account information, social security numbers, and loan information. Keeping this data safe and secure while also allowing access to it by those who work with this information can be challenging. Working with Exceed IT in Central Maryland ensures that your company has the security it needs while also ensuring that all of your other IT services are met. Finance companies also can’t afford to deal with long server downtime. By partnering with a managed IT services company, you have a partner who is fully dedicated to keeping your technology up and running. They will be able to focus on keeping your system secure and optimally-functional, reducing the risk of data being lost or stolen.

Health Care

The healthcare industry in Central Maryland must have absolute safety and security when it comes to data, and that’s where an IT services company comes in. The experts at Exceed IT will work closely with healthcare providers to ensure that all patient information is kept safe from anyone who doesn’t need to access it. This also ensures that you meet HIPAA and other healthcare regulations that you must be in compliance with, in order to avoid steep penalties. Moreover, it’s vital that doctors and other healthcare professionals can access patient data when they need it, especially during patient emergencies. Having this information available via the cloud ensures that your staff always has access to relevant data, even if staff and patients are miles away from one another.


Law firms understand how important it is for fee earners to be fully-functional and able to work and bill on behalf of the firm, whether they are partners, associates or paralegals. This is why it’s critical for your firm’s IT systems to be as close to 100% available as possible. If a firm cannot produce billable work, then firm is not making money, and therefore is dying. Further, data must be safeguarded against cyber-criminals who may want to steal it for their own use. Legal firms in Central Maryland do often have client information that includes sensitive data, they also often have important legal documents to corporate clients. These documents may contain patents, copyrights, trade secrets or other highly confidential information, which must be protected at all cost. The legal industry also often needs to share documents with clients for approval and to get electronic signatures. The IT services team at Exceed IT assists these law firms by creating secure cloud servers that can be used to host and share these documents. Clients are able to log in and view only documents pertaining to them, no one else, and those documents have safeguarded in place against hacking and data theft. Most importantly, Exceed IT understands how important


When it comes to engineering, the scalability of IT services is one of the biggest benefits. Engineering teams in Central Maryland often create large CAD files and/or 3D files that outline every single part of a product, a piece of machinery, or a structure. These files can quickly fill up a server. The cloud servers offered by Exceed IT can quickly be scaled to accommodate more information as needed. These servers also often need a large amount of computing power, which can be increased or reduced as needed. This greatly benefits the engineering team’s budget so they can reduce their IT needs when it’s no longer necessary to have this larger amount of storage space. With 24/7/365 support and proactive network monitoring to note trouble areas and handle them before the network can become overloaded, IT services from Exceed IT can ensure that engineers never have to worry about their network being inaccessible, or data being lost.


Architects deal with large-scale, highly detailed blueprints that need to be shared with others, used on the job site, and always available to contractors. This means architectural firms are becoming highly reliant on cloud servers to make this data available to clients, construction teams, and subcontractors as needed. Working with an experienced IT services company like Exceed IT in Central Maryland ensures that everyone who needs access to these plans and documents can get it. It also allows construction crews to send photos and videos back to the firm when something unexpected occurs. Architects can even remotely join the crew via video conferencing when necessary. This creates a highly collaborative environment where client input, architect knowledge, and construction crew experience come together to create stable, well-built structures that meet their clients’ needs.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry often sees workers spread across the region, state, or country. Keeping all of these different groups coordinated requires strong communications channels that are consistent and reliable, something a managed IT services provider such as Exceed IT can handle. Any oil and gas company in Central Maryland also needs to ensure they have a business continuity plan in place to protect their assets in the case of a disaster. Other IT needs, including improved efficiency, predictable pricing, and proactive system monitoring, are also vital to companies in this industry. By working with a managed IT service provider, these companies can share information over a secure, stable communications network while still protecting any sensitive data. Especially in these challenging financial times for the oil & gas industry, when controlling costs is critical, outsourcing their IT needs to a service provider also allows them to further reduce costs by paying a single service fee rather than a team of IT employee wages, benefits, software cost, equipment, and other expenses that can comprise a significant increased burden on the company’s expenditures.


The manufacturing industry is dependent on stability. Companies in Central Maryland need to know that they will be able to produce a specific number of products every week, every day, and even every hour. Without a reliable IT services provider like Exceed IT, this isn’t always possible. Any delay due to a lack of maintenance or support can affect dozens of clients, hundreds of products, and thousands of dollars in lost revenues, not to mention the proverbial “black eye” this can create in front of your customers. The benefits when using a managed IT services provider is that this rarely happens. Experts proactively monitor the company’s network for signs of trouble, schedule maintenance and downtime so it can be planned around, and handle service calls 24/7/365. As the company grows, these IT services are also scalable, so they grow with the company. If the company needs to reduce its services during certain slow periods, whether regular or occasional, this can also be achieved with proper coordination.

Trucking and logistics

Any trucking and logistics firm in Central Maryland knows how vital it is to keep track of every single order at all times. That’s where a managed IT services provider such as Exceed IT can help. Keeping stable, reliable communications open between drivers, warehouses, and clients is vital to ensure that the correct items are shipped at the right time to the right place. Truck drivers need to be able to scan barcodes or RFID tags when packages are picked up, when they’re handed off to another driver or warehouse, and when they arrive at the final destination. With a reliable IT services provider handling all of this, there’s no worry about shipments getting lost or data being corrupted. Everyone involved can access the cloud server and see exactly where a package is at any time.


In the hospitality industry in Central Maryland, companies have a lot of things to juggle. Hotels and resorts have to know what rooms are available at what time, airlines and cruises need to track reservations and cancellations, restaurants have to manage inventory, and much more. Without a strong IT services provider like Exceed IT on your side, these needs, and many others, become much more difficult to manage. Hospitality companies need a way of tracking reservations, orders, inventory, and much more, which is why many find themselves reliant on an IT services provider that offers solutions to these needs, along with around-the-clock support and minimal downtime. It’s not an exaggeration to say that any unexpected downtime can cost a hospitality company thousands of dollars, but an experienced IT services provider will help reduce that sizable risk.


In the insurance industry, companies rely on secure servers to store and share data with customers and others. This is why Exceed IT is a desirable partners for insurance companies to provide managed and professional IT services in Central Maryland. An insurance company needs the benefits of an IT services provider to operate smoothly on a daily basis. Cloud servers are a must because they allow the company to share documents with customers who can also securely sign these documents online. They can also submit claim information, view the status of their claims, and more. Without 24/7 support and preventive maintenance, insurance companies risk losing business to errors and system crashes. All of their data also has to be kept safe and secure at all times, as they collect sensitive information, including customer data.


The nonprofit industry in Central Maryland relies just as much on IT services as the for-profit industry does. These organizations need the support, maintenance, security, business continuity, and cloud services that other businesses need, which is why Exceed IT often partners with them. Nonprofits need a secure server to protect their donor and client information. Many also need to be able to share documents with others, especially those that operate large-scale projects. Being able to remotely accept donations is also necessary with nonprofits, especially those that gather donations at events. By working with an IT services provider, instead of hiring their own staff and purchasing their own equipment, nonprofits can reduce their overhead costs, too. This allows them to put more donation dollars towards their projects and the people they serve.


When people think of veterinarians in Central Maryland, IT needs are usually not what they think about. However, just like doctors, veterinarians do have a number of IT needs that they need met. With Exceed IT services professionals, solutions to those needs can be designed, implemented, and managed. Vets need to keep up-to-date records for all of their clients and those clients’ pets just like a hospital needs to keep patient records. Vets sometimes store clients’ financial or personally-identifiable data on their system. Inventory management is another area where IT services can benefit vets. Veterinarians often make use of restricted medications, so it’s important that those medications be tracked. They should know how much of any drug is on-hand, when it was dispensed, and when it needs to re-ordered from your distributor.

Government/Law Enforcement

Government and law enforcement organizations may often have their own internal IT departments, but they also outsource some IT needs with various service providers in Central Maryland. These organizations benefit the most from Exceed IT’s security services. Every government and law enforcement server must be locked down tightly. Their data needs to be as safe as possible, yet still available to those who need it. This means they need 24/7 support and maintenance, a system that can easily be scaled when needed, and the ability to communicate and collaborate online. All online collaboration, including instant messaging and emails, must be secure, too. By partnering with an external IT services provider, these organizations are actually better protected because their partner can focus on security and data protection.


Publishing companies often partner with IT services providers in Central Maryland because nearly all of their work is now done electronically. Authors may submit manuscripts and drafts through email, and all edits are done electronically. Even some publications are now fully digital, and even those that aren’t still rely on electronic files sent to printers. By working with Exceed IT, businesses in the publishing industry can rest assured that their communications will be secure and reliable, their servers will be up, and their system will be running as effectively and as efficiently as possible. The publishing industry is another sector where costs must be carefully watched. By outsourcing their IT needs to a services provider, publishers know exactly what their monthly costs will be. This will help reduce their overhead.