Recover your business.

Navigate your business back to safety after a cyber attack.

Time is money.

After a cyber attack, you can’t afford to wait. The first 72 hours are crucial and failing to act can lead to permanent damage.

Who do you call?

Calling the right people is crucial to recovery. Your IT team, your insurance, and the police may only be nominally equipped to assist you.

Quickly and effectively

With a prompt reaction and the right team, you can recover from a cyber attack and navigate your business back to safety.

When a fire breaks out, you have little time to think. Within 5 minutes, a typical building can be fully engulfed in flames to where rescue is no longer an option. When this happens to your business, the only chance you have is to react quickly and call for help. While the stakes are different, a cyber attack like ransomware can cause the same amount of damage, if not more, than a fire and necessitates the same immediate call for help. 

So, who do you call? How can your business recover from a cyber attack?
Your IT team isn’t trained for this, neither are the police, and your insurance provider may only be nominally equipped to assist you. Call an Incident Response Team.

Who do you call after a cyber attack?

An Incident Response (IR) Team

  • An IR Team is a group of cybersecurity professionals who specialize in cyber attack recovery.
  • This is the team who you need to call to help navigate your business back to safety after a cyber attack has occurred.
  • Whether it’s a ransomware attack, an insider threat, or an email hack, our IR Team will allow you to recover your business quickly and effectively.

Our Clear, Three-Step Plan to recover your business:


Contact us as soon as possible in the event of a cyber attack. It is crucial to deploy an Incident Response Team within the first 72 hours following a cyber attack. Upon contact, we will deploy our IR team to immediately begin the recovery process.


Once our Incident Response Team is deployed, they will immediately begin conducting an investigation. Depending on the type of attack, the IR Team will identify the impact of the attack, isolate the attackers, and eradicate the malware from your business network.


Following the IR Team’s investigation, we will propose next steps to help you secure your organization. By calling the right people at the right time, you can recover and navigate your business back to safety.

Save your business from cyber criminals.

Our Incident Response Team can help you recover from:

Data Breach Ransomware Attack
Business Email Compromise (BEC) Insider Threats
Intellectual Property Theft Personally Identifiable Information (PII) loss
Protected Health Information (PHI) loss Non-Public Information (NPI) loss
Destruction or Defacement of Systems Attackers Communications & Negotiations

When fighting ransomware, awareness is half the battle.
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