What Are Cloud Services?

Cloud services provide businesses in Central Maryland with a number of different options. In its most simple form, the cloud is a set of servers that employees can access from anywhere with internet access, allowing them to be able to make use of various software apps, and also access data without being at their desks or even in the office. For example, an employee can log in from home to access a document, make changes to it, and share it with others for their input. Cloud-based software can be accessed from any computer with internet access, even if it’s not installed on that computer, which improves productivity and cuts down on the number of copies of the software you have to buy. Cloud servers are not only easily accessible, they are also incredibly secure, protecting your data with a number of different safeguards against hackers, viruses, malware and ransomware.


  • Secure critical files
  • Offsite backups
  • Collaboration
  • Increased efficiency
  • Business continuity
  • Improve communication
  • Foster Creativity
  • Maintenance free
  • Predictable monthly fee

Benefits of Cloud Services

Using a cloud service in Central Maryland can benefit your business in a number of different ways. Employees can collaborate from anywhere, all of your data is secured in one location, and software can be accessed by user accounts rather than relying on it being installed on a computer. This is very cost-effective, too. You’re purchasing software licenses rather than actual copies of the software used on the cloud, so you only need as many licenses as you have employees. When an employee leaves, you simply deactivate the license and stop paying for it. If you buy the software, you don’t have that option—there’s no type of refund, and the software typically costs much more than a license. All of your cloud services can be scaled as needed. Ramp up the amount of data and number of licenses when you grow, reduce services that aren’t needed, or when you need to save money.

How Cloud Services Affect Productivity

One of the biggest benefits is that cloud services allow for full collaboration and increased productivity for businesses in Central Maryland, especially if you often have employees who work from home or who work at locations across the country. All of these employees have access to data and documents saved in the cloud. They can work together without ever being in the same location. Those who travel will always have access to everything they use at the office, so there’s no change in what they can do or how productive they can be. They can access all of their usual applications and data through a secure login. They’re able to remain in constant communication with the rest of their team and contribute to projects anywhere they can get an internet connection.

Are Cloud Services Right for Your Business?

Cloud services can be highly beneficial to businesses of all sizes in Central Maryland. Because cloud services are highly scalable, they can be used for small businesses as well as large companies. For small businesses, cloud services can help reduce the initial startup costs. There’s no need to buy an expensive company server or software. Instead, cloud server space is leased on an as-needed basis and software licenses are added or removed as necessary, helping keep early business costs in check, and using (what accountants call) an OpEx (vs. CapEx) model. For large companies, being able to quickly scale up the amount of server space without buying new hardware is also highly-advantageous. Companies that have busy seasons, or will need additional resources for a large product, but who may not need those resources later, can also make use of cloud services to save money. All in all, cloud services make sense for nearly all businesses.